Application range of zinc phosphate

February 26, 2024
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Application range of zinc phosphate




1, the coating made of zinc phosphate has excellent anti-rust properties and water resistance, in a variety of lacquer-based coatings, used to prepare a variety of water-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-corrosion coatings, such as: Phenolic paint, epoxy paint, pretenic acid paint, alkyd paint and water-soluble resin paint, widely used in ships, steel frame structural parts, automobiles, containers, industrial machinery, light metal, household appliances and food metal containers and other aspects of anti-rust paint. ,




2, zinc phosphate is a white non-toxic and pollution-free anti-rust pigment, which can effectively replace the traditional anti-rust pigments containing heavy metals lead and chromium, and is a new product with ideal anti-rust pigments. Condensed zinc phosphate has a strong complexing ability for trivalent iron ion, this zinc phosphate root ion and iron anode reaction, can form a complex protective film with iron phosphate as the main body, this compact purified film is insoluble in water, high hardness, excellent adhesion showing excellent rust prevention performance, because zinc phosphate gene has good activity, can interact with many metal ions to generate complex. Therefore, it has good anti-rust effect.




3, can be used as alkyd, phenolic, epoxy and other kinds of paint base material, can also be used as non-toxic rust pigments, rust coatings and water-soluble coatings, in addition to the production of chlorinated rubber and synthetic polymer materials flame retardant, electronics, low temperature glass, transparent ceramics in the bonding and sintering additives.




4, zinc phosphate has the effect of flame retardant, adding zinc phosphate flame retardant filler in rubber and plastic, can play a good flame retardant effect, and as a flame retardant, it is also used in flame retardant coatings.




5, zinc phosphate does not contain lead, chromium and other heavy metals, non-toxic, pollution-free, no irritating effect on the skin, good thermal stability, good rust prevention, strong rust prevention, and because it is white, it can be adjusted according to the need, the matching paint is not limited, which can simplify the painting process and reduce the unit cost of painting to reduce environmental risks.






The use of zinc phosphate, advantages and disadvantages, anti-rust mechanism, application, etc., need to consult relevant senior technical personnel. Its derivative classification is more, roughly modified zinc phosphate, aluminum zinc orthophosphate, organic coated zinc orthophosphate and so on. It has many characteristics such as cheap price, easy to use, good effect and so on.


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