The role of zinc phosphate in coatings

March 30, 2024
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The role of zinc phosphate in coatings


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Zinc phosphate plays multiple roles in coatings, the following is a specific introduction:


1. Zinc phosphate is an efficient preservative, which can improve the anticorrosion, rust prevention and weather resistance of coatings. Zinc phosphate can form insoluble precipitation with metal ions in the coating, thereby slowing down the release of metal ions on the surface of the coating and preventing the oxidation and corrosion of metal ions.


2. Zinc phosphate can improve the adhesion and coverage area of the coating, because it can interact with the fillers and resins in the coating to form a strong complex, making the coating tighter and more viscous.


3. Zinc phosphate is a non-toxic and pollution-free anti-rust pigment, which can replace traditional anti-rust pigments containing heavy metals such as lead or chromium. It reacts with the iron anode to form a protective film with iron phosphate as the main body, which has high hardness, strong adhesion and excellent anti-rust performance.


4. In addition, zinc phosphate is also widely used in various lacquer-based coatings for the preparation of water-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-corrosion coatings, such as phenolic paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, etc., and can be used for rust prevention of light metal, household appliances and food metal containers.